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Announcing New Positions

Effective December 1st, 2022, Alistair Henderson and James Slootweg will become Directors of Jemmac Software Ltd. alongside Graeme Philp, Mark Fisher and Matt Underwood.

The expanded Board members will have the following titles:

• Graeme Philp – Non Exec Chairman
• Mark Fisher – Chief Executive Officer
• Matt Underwood – Chief Technical Officer
• Alistair Henderson – Operations Director
• James Slootweg – Technical Director

At the same time, Lynne Fisher will be given the title, Principal Consultant.

The appointment of Alistair and James to the Board, the new titles of the Board members and the creation of the Principal Consultant position will:

• Make a strong statement about our growth plans post COVID to our customers and staff. We believe this is good for the short, medium, and long term success and growth of the business and our continued relationships with our customers.
• Recognise, and reward strong and proven internal leadership skills and bring their fresh ideas and value to the business at the Board level.
• Allow for progression within the business at all levels.

Individuals’ day to day responsibilities won’t change in the short term. Any changes in responsibilities will reflect the natural succession environment this reorganisation creates and will be done over time, and with a focus on further strengthening the business and our customer relationships.

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