OPCFailover V2-5 released

OPCFailover Product Page

In response to Microsoft’s plan to address Windows DCOM Server Security Feature Bypass (described here) Jemmac have released OPCFailover 2.5.

OPCFailover 2.5 specifically uses RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY when using CoInitializeSecurity.

If you plan to manually apply DCOM hardening before it is enforced by Microsoft (sometime after March 2023) you should upgrade to OPCFailover 2.5. You will need to be running OPCFailover 2.5 after applying the patch that will enforce DCOM hardening.

For more information, contact:

Mark Fisher
OPCFailover Product Manager
Jemmac Software Limited.
Tel : 01234 757251
Email : mark.fisher@jemmac.com

For more details about OPCFailover, see the Product page for it.