OPCFailover V2-4 released

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OPCFailover is a simple and effective way of increasing the availability of data to your business benefiting OPC Client applications. OPCFailover delivers redundancy without proxy servers, avoiding the complexities they incur.

With the user community enjoying a robust and dependable product it’s been nearly four years since we released OPCFailover V2-2. Today we are proud to announce the release of OPCFailover V2-4. This version rolls up an internal V2-3 release with one behavioural change to the way OPCFailover connects and disconnects to/from the target OPCServers.

What’s new since V2-2?

  • Improved presentation of browse data, removing occasional duplication of data.
  • Host name now presented in OPCFailover Manager title bar so that screen captures provide more user context.
  • Persistent OPCServer connection for OPCServer status and OPC Item read tests.

Persistent Connections

Prior to V2-4 OPCFailover would attempt to establish a connection to the target OPCServer then perform all configured tests. Once the tests were complete OPCFailover would disconnect from the target OPCServer. This connect, test, disconnect cycle was repeated for each poll period.

From V2-4 onward the disconnect does not occur if the Connect test is not being performed. So, as long as the Connect test is not being performed the connection (once established) to the target OPCServer is reused for each poll period.


We are very confident that OPCFailover V2-4 builds upon the stability and robustness of previous versions whilst adding a refinement in the way OPCFailover interacts with target OPCServers.

You can download a trial version of OPCFailover and try all these features out for yourself.

For more information, contact:

Mark Fisher
OPCFailover Product Manager
Jemmac Software Limited.
Tel : 01234 757251
Email : mark.fisher@jemmac.com

For more details about OPCFailover, see the Product page for it.