Increase the availability of all OPC data to your business

OPCFailover is a Windows Service that runs on your OPC Client node, complete with a user interface application to manage and control it.

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The need for reliable OPC client applications

What does OPCFailover offer?

OPCFailover delivers a simple, robust vendor neutral OPC Redundancy solution, with everything configurable within it’s simple to use user interface.

Seamless Integration

It won’t complicate or compromise your environment. OPC Clients remain directly connected to the OPC Servers.

Robust and error free

Unlike traditional OPC Redundancy proxy solutions, OPCFailover does not introduce a new, single point of failure.

Identify Faulty Servers

OPCFailover can detect and tolerate badly behaved OPC Servers, such as those that deadlock or stall.


Extra load on your systems is minimal and will not be noticed.

Co-exists with other OPC clients

OPC Clients can ‘opt in’ to use OPCFailover and can co-exist with others that are not using it.

Vendor Independent

Works with all OPC Server types and versions from any vendor.

What our customers are saying

OPCFailover is perfect. We tried other products and spent countless hours trying to get other solutions to work.

We have successfully put it through failover tests and have not had a single issue.

Graphic Packaging, West Monroe, USA

The product has been installed for several years now and is working perfectly.

From the experience we have had, we find OPCFailover very user friendly, straight forward to configure and more reliable than Honeywell's RDM solution on R301.

World leading Oil & Petrochemicals multi-national

I have found it very easy to install and simple to configure with a good selection of options for failover strategy, although with EPKS we are slightly limited in choice!

The GUI is well laid out and makes it easy to see which server is currently the primary server.

World leading Oil & Petrochemicals mult-inational

Get started


Install the trial on your OPC Client node and setup an OPCFailover group containing real OPC Servers.


Configure your OPC Client to reference this OPCFailover group as its OPC Server.


Induce failures on your real OPC Servers and verify that your OPC Client continues to add value to your business.

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