SapphireTrend V5-3 released

Release V5-3 is the latest version of SapphireTrend, Jemmac Software’s world leading real-time process visualization package.

Headline features in V5-3 include Predictions Improvements, Boundary values, ‘Ping’ plug-in DLL for the Collector, OPC item renaming and improvements to Tabs and Toolbars in stPro.

Tab Improvements

With more and more customers taking advantage of stPro’s Tab feature the time was right to enhance the users control over them.

  • Tab files can now be specified on startup via shortcuts.
  • The width to use for Tabs can now be specified as a User Preference. This allows the user to decide whether to see the complete name of each Tab (accepting that scroll bar may be required if there are numerous tabs) or to truncate the tab names such that all are directly visible on display.
  • Additional shortcut keys have been added to help with navigation and operation of Tabs.
  • A right-click menu has been added to allow a variety of Tab operations such as Close Tab, New Tab, Open in Tab etc and allowing direction navigation to specific Tabs.
  • The Tabs Toolbar can now also occupy a row on its own allowing more space for Tabs to be displayed.
New Tab features in V5-3

Group Scales Usability Features

A new option has been added to the Pens Right-click menu called “Group Scales”. This provides three sub options allowing the scales for pens within the currently plot to be assigned to scale groups without the need to manually add each pen to the group.

  • PV’s and SP’s – the logic works through all the pens in the plot, creating a scale group for each PV & SP pair found using the item name to seed the group name.
  • All OP’s – if any OP’s are found they are all added to a scale group called “All OP’s”.
  • All Pens – all the pens in the plot are added to a scale group called “All Pens”.
Group Scales Usability improvements


X-Y Graphs can now be overlaid with dynamic shapes defined via pairs of OPC items. This allows the user to define ‘Boundaries’ for the operation of critical process variables to visualize whether they are within the desired operational ranges.

Note: If the values of the OPC items used to define the boundaries change, then the boundary will also move allowing both the current process values and the required operating ranges to vary over time.

Boundaries – dynamic outlines for X-Y Graphs

Ping Plug-in Dll

A new Ping Plug-in Dll has been added to the Sapphire Collector allowing it to historize the ping time for host names, TCP/IP addresses and URL’s.

Various statistics can be collected such as:

  • Minimum observed ping time.
  • Maximum observed ping time.
  • Average ping time.
  • TTL count.
PING history provided via the Collector

Note: Uniquely, Ping’ data can be historized in the same SDR as OPC, SNMP and Windows Performance counters providing a unique view of the current status of your process, network, servers, workstations and internet connection.

The stManager with Plug-in Dlls enabled

For more details about SapphireTrend, see the Product page for it.